Gem Splitter is the primary weapon of Andrew Aruna. It takes the form of a combination Greatsword and Pseudo-Railgun.

Description Edit

Gem Splitter sports two primary features, with a handful of secondary functions as well. In its primary form, Gem Splitter at a glance appears to be a standard greatsword, if not slightly longer than average. When activated however, the blade's internal mechanisms allow it to split down the middle, revealing the interior gun components. Once open, the weapon channels gravity dust in order to fire ammunition in the style of a sort of gravity-assisted railgun.

In its gun form, Gem Splitter has quite a decent amount of range, acting as essentially a rifle. Should he so desire, Andrew is able to use the nature of the gravity dust to hold explosive-type ammunition in place (i.e. grenades, dust, etc.), and swing the blade in order to lob it in an arc.

In its dormant form, the blade retracts, and is kept hooked on a back holster. One piece of interest for the holster itself is the buckle that holds the weapon. The buckle is made from Resonance Crystal, allowing for incredibly smooth drawing and sheathing of the weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • Andrew's basis for Gem Splitter came from a piece of machinery in the Valor facility intended for cutting or crushing Resonance Crystals. After using a piece of said machinery during his escape, he used it as a template for his new weapon's design, maintaining the original functionality should the situation arise that he takes on another Catalyst.
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