Haran Marev and Kalikir are Emeraldine Grace's primary weapons. The pair take the form of two pairs of weapons, Haran Marev, a pair of gloves, and Kalikir, a pair of sword-breakers capable of combining their blades and opening their to become a single, double-barreled shotgun.

Haran Marev are a pair of specially outfitted gloves, designed to hold and disperse dust. They primarily put to use Lightning Dust, for hand-to-hand based combat, using mid-ranged dust attacks, and empowering Kalikir to enhance her power.

In their base form, Kalikir are a set of two sword-breakers, specializing in channeling electricity through their hilts and into the blades. They're capable of arcing electricity between themselves, as well as powering up the secondary mode. In Kalikir's second form, they combine into a sort of shotgun, the two blades combing to become the "barrels", and the tips opening to allow for firing. They're loaded in a break-action style, and use both normal buckshot, as well as a dust rounds, and a special barbed "taser" round ammunition, sleek and pointed slugs that can be electrified by either dust inserted into the weapon, or from Haram Marev's electricity.

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